Investing in alternative strategies since 1989

IAM is one of the oldest independent asset management firms specialising in Hedge Funds and Alternative UCITS investments, with a proven track record of over 30 years

Specialist Exclusive focus on Hedge Funds and Alternative UCITS investments

Experience IAM is a pioneer in absolute return investing. Over a 30 year period, IAM has gained substantial experience and developed an extensive industry network

Client driven IAM is focused on the development of investment solutions in order to help clients achieve specific risk return targets

IAM’s Solutions

Bespoke solutions IAM’s main objective is to assist clients when investing and help them understand the complex Hedge Fund / Alternative UCITS space. Solutions are tailor made for each client

IAM Investments Alternative UCITS Platform Our platform aims to bring high quality offshore managers to the UCITS space. All funds are managed by one alternative asset manager, are selected by IAM and offer daily liquidity. These funds are available to all investor types

Fund of Alternative Funds IAM manages funds of funds in both Irish AIF and Irish UCITS structures. IAM offers both bespoke FoFs for single institutional investors (which may combine both offshore and UCITS funds) and commingled UCITS FoFs, which are open to all types of investor

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