Alternative UCITS Platform

The IAM Investments Alternative UCITS Platform aims to bring high quality offshore managers with a strong track record and a clear differentiating factor to the UCITS space. Every fund in the platform is selected by IAM and appointed as delegated investment manager of the fund.

All the funds in the platform are managed by one alternative asset manager selected by IAM have daily liquidity, are Irish domiciled and comply with UCITS regulation.

The platform currently has the following fund managers:

Anavio Capital Event Driven UCITS Fund

Anavio Capital is a London based asset manager established in 2014 by Dan Horsley and Dario Sacchetti.

It is an Event Driven fund with a European focus that invests across the full spectrum thanks to its three different strategies: Merger Arbitrage, Special Situations and Capital Markets. The fund has an absolute return target with low correlation to equity markets. The UCITS strategy was launched in November 2017.

IAM EJF Alpha Opportunities UCITS Fund

EJF Capital is a US asset manager established in 2005 by Emmanuel Friedman and Neal Wilson. The firm is one of the biggest asset management specialists in US financials.

IAM EJF Alpha Opportunities UCITS is Long/Short Equity Fund focused on US financials with a tactical net exposure of -20%/+20% . The fund was launched in November 2018.

Incline Global Long/Short Equity UCITS Fund

Incline Global is a US asset management established in 2012 by Jeff Lignelli.

The UCITS fund was launched in Dec15; it follows a directional Long/Short Equity strategy with a US focus. Jeff combines a detailed bottom up fundamental analysis with his top down views in order to find companies that could benefit from macro tailwinds (for the long book) and headwinds (for the short book).

IAM True Partner Volativity UCITS Fund

True Partner Capital was founded in May 2010 by Ralph van Put (CEO), Govert Heijboer (co-CIO Hong Kong), and Roy van Bakel (CTO). Tobias Hekster (co-CIO Chicago) is the Portfolio Manager of the UCITS Fund and has been with the team since 2011.

The team is comprised of former volatility market makers who have been working together for more than 15 years and have developed proprietary in-house technology to complement their investment strategy. They seek to exploit inefficiencies in listed options and futures on ten equity indices from offices based in Hong Kong and Chicago (permitting 24 hour coverage of trades).

The UCITS fund, launched in June 2019, is a global relative value volatility arbitrage strategy, with a long volatility return profile and a negative to flat correlation to both hedge fund indices and global equities.

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