IAM Alternative Fund of Funds

IAM has been managing fund of funds since 1995.

IAM is currently managing three fund of funds which are open to external investors:

IAM Nordic Multi Strategy Fund

The IAM Nordic Multi Strategy Fund (the Fund) is a Swedish special fund of funds that is focused on managers with a Nordic connection. The fund’s target is to achieve a good and stable absolute return with low correlation to the Nordic interest and equity market over time. To achieve this objective, the Fund is invested in a diversified portfolio of hedge funds.

The fund is Swedish domiciled and has monthly liquidity.

IAM DC (Decorrelated) Multi-Strategy Fund

The IAM DC Multi-Strategy Fund is an uncorrelated portfolio, ‘best IAM ideas’ multi-strategy fund invested across IAM’s highest conviction mangers.It utilises a global mandate that is concentrated across a broad suite of strategies. The fund aims to deliver higher levels of manager alpha and lower levels of beta that investors have increasingly been demanding.

The fund is Irish domiciled and is available with monthly or quarterly liquidity depending on the share class.

Core Defensive

Core Defensive is an absolute return fund with a very low volatility target designed to replicate short dated government bonds returns without the interest rate risk.The fund is aimed at investors who do not want to keep assets in cash or government bonds and are looking for a solution that is robust, liquid and will seek to provide positive returns in any market environment.

The fund is part of IAM UCITS fund range, domiciled in Ireland and has daily liquidity.