What we do

Please note: These guidelines are mentioned for information only and are subject to change.

Investment Philosophy

Manager Driven Focus

IAM's investment focus is manager driven with a research and analysis process that seeks out the best of breed managers globally. In general, we favour managers who are mid-sized and who operate within liquid markets.


IAM is committed to understanding the risks being undertaken by the manager and will only invest in managers that agree to consistently meet and explain their portfolio.

Preservation of Capital

IAM's active and pragmatic approach to risk control and the development of proprietary quantitative systems ensures that IAM remains vigilant in preserving capital.


In order to ensure portfolios achieve low downside correlation to the markets, IAM dedicates detailed processes to ensure an appropriate level of diversification between strategies, manager styles and underlying market exposures without over-diversifying. Currently our portfolios have an average of 15 managers.

Disciplined Framework

IAM's qualitative and quantitative processes ensure invested managers are closely tracked at each stage, with signals alerting IAM to any issues that arise or time lines that are breached.

Segregated Accounts – Our speciality


  • Portfolios are constructed to fulfill a client's individual investment objectives and to complement their overall portfolio
  • Portfolio construction dictated by client guidelines including liquidity, strategy and manager allocations, regional diversification and currency hedging
  • Flexibility to amend and modify investment guidelines to adapt to changing market circumstances


  • Clients have their own portfolio eliminating redemption risk at fund of hedge fund level
  • Accounts are structured according to client's preferences eg. choice of custodian


  • IAM works in partnership with each client to ensure a complete understanding of their portfolio, offering education and access to key IAM decision makers
  • Full disclosure of all portfolio holdings
  • Customised reporting according to the needs of each client, including attribution and contribution analysis of each strategy and manager risk adjusted returns

Commingled Funds

IAM Global Long/Short Equity Strategy Fund Ltd*

  • Use as an active equity substitute
  • Proven risk control through IAM's systematic and rigorous investment process
  • Benefit from IAM's 26-year specialist experience investing in hedge funds – avoidance of hedge fund failures
Investment objective Invests in a diversified portfolio of hedge funds, in principally long/short equity strategies, with the aim of achieving consistent absolute returns with low volatility relative to traditional equity markets
Legal structure Open-ended investment company, registered in the British Virgin Islands and listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. Available in US$, EUR and GBP
Date of inception Jun 1995
Fee structure 1.5% management fee, 10% performance fee above a hurdle rate of 5% pa
Dealing Monthly subscriptions and redemptions
Minimum investment Initial: US$100,000, subsequent: US$50,000

Note: *Residents or citizens of the United States of America are specifically prohibited from investing in this fund.